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EHSAC Structure

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Working Groups

  • Purpose is to address discrete issues of concern
  • Temporary (formed and dissolved at the pleasure of EHSAC)
  • Members appointed by Chair of EHSAC; EHSAC members are encouraged to delegate duties to specialists in their offices, as appropriate.
  • Meet at call of Chair of working group or as directed by EHSAC
  • Make written reports to Chair of EHSAC
  • Not authorized to take independent action

Standing Committees

  • Address major areas of responsibility within offices of environmental, health and safety
  • Permanent members may be specialists in the environmental, health and safety offices
  • EHSAC will adopt organizational guidelines for each standing subcommittee with the advice of subcommittee members
  • Subcommittee Chair will make written report to Chair of EHSAC within 20 days after each meeting of the subcommittee and prior to taking any independent action
  • Subcommittee Chair will present a report to the EHSAC at each meeting of the EHSAC as provided in the organizational guidelines
  • May take independent action as provided for in organizational guidelines
  • Radiation Safety Officers Advisory Group (RSAG)
  • Biological and Chemical Safety Advisory Group (BCSAG)
  • Fire and Life Safety Advisory Group (FALSAG)
  • Environmental Advisory Group (EAG)