Regents’ Rules and Regulations related to Contracting and Procurement

10000 – Board Governance:

Rule 10501  Delegation to Act on Behalf of the Board

20000 – Administration:

Rule 20401  Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management Programs

Rule 20501  Accounting, Operating Budgets, and Legislative Appropriation Requests

Rule 20601  Aircraft Use

Rule 20701  Use of Historically Underutilized Businesses

Rule 20901  Procurement of Goods and Services; Contract Management Handbook


30000 – Personnel:

Rule 30103  Standards of Conduct

Rule 30104  Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities

Rule 30106  Nepotism

Rule 30112  Training and Education


40000 – Academic Issues:

Rule 40701  Medical and Hospital Services

Rule 40703  Health Care Risk Management


50000 – Student Issues:

Rule 50101  Debts of Students

Rule 50302  Student Participation in Selection and Monitoring of Food Service Contractors

Rule 50304  Student Debit Cards

Rule 50702  Confidentiality and Security of Education Records Subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


60000 – Development:

Rule 60306  Use of University Resources


70000 – Investments:

Rule 70301  Matters Relating to Interests in Real Property


80000 – Facilities:

Rule 80102  Alcoholic Beverages

Rule 80103  Solicitation

Rule 80104  Use of Facilities

Rule 80105  Joint Sponsorship of the Use of Property or Buildings

Rule 80106  Special Use Facilities

Rule 80108  Use of Facilities for Weddings

Rule 80109  Parking and Traffic Regulations

Rule 80111  Smoke Free or Tobacco Free Policies

Rule 80201  Disposal of U. T. Surplus Property

Rule 80401  Prevailing Wage Rates

Rule 80402  Office of Capital Projects Management of Major Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects

Rule 80403  Minor Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects

Rule 80404  Institutional Management of Major Construction and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects


90000 – Intellectual Property:

Rule 90101  Intellectual Property