All Leave Types

Please refer to the chart below for basic information regarding available leave types. For detailed information, please refer to HOP 3.3.1 Leave Policy.

Name General Description Approver/Contact Record on Timesheet as:
Administrative Leave for Outstanding Performance Granted by the Chancellor or Department Head as an award for documented outstanding performance. Department Admin Leave-Outstanding Performance
Agency Investigation For subjects, victims or witnesses of an agency investigation. Office of Human Resources Misc (incl note)
Amateur Radio Operator For license holders participating in specialized disaster relief services. Department Misc (incl note)
American Red Cross Volunteer For certified disaster service volunteers and trainees to participate in specialized disaster relief services for the American Red Cross. Department Misc (incl note)
Assistance Dog Training For employees with a disability to attend a training program to acquaint the employee with an assistance dog. Department Misc (incl note)
Bereavement Absences relating to the death of a family member as defined. Department Bereavement
Blood Donation For the purpose of donating blood. Department Blood Donation
Bone Marrow and Organ Donation For the purpose of donating on organ or bone marrow. Department Misc (incl note)
Compliance with a Subpoena For employees to comply with a subpoena to appear in a civil, criminal, legislative or administrative proceeding. Office of Human Resources OHR will advise based on circumstance.
Court Appointed Special Advocates Volunteer For training or volunteer services for Court Appointed Special Advocates. Department Misc (incl note)
Educational Activities Available to parents attending school sponsored activities only. Department Educational Activities
Emergency Leave For emergency closures and other reasons determined as good cause that have been approved by OHR or the Chancellor. Office of Human Resources Emergency Leave
Family and Medical Leave Unpaid protected medical leave. Office of Human Resources FML-XXX (FML-Sick, FML-Vac…)
Floating Holiday Awarded leave to be used for any reason. Department Floating Holiday
FLSA Overtime Earned Federal leave based on reported work hours to be used for any sort of personal leave. Available only to non-exempt employees. See HOP 3.2.1 Fair Labor Standards Act - Overtime. Department Overtime
Foster Parent Leave Available to foster parents to attend Texas Department of Family and Protective Services or school district meetings. Department Misc (incl note)
Injury Leave for Certain Peace Officers For an injury sustained while performing official work duties. Office of Human Resources Misc (incl note)
Jury Service, Witness Service, and Witness Fees To be used when summoned to serve on a jury. Department Jury Duty
Leave Without Pay Unpaid leave to be used only when all other applicable personal paid leave balances are exhausted. Department Leave Without Pay
Legislative Leave for Peace Officers To serve in, appear before, or petition a governmental body during a legislative session. Department Misc (incl note)
Military Leave For active and reserve duty, authorized training, and urban search and rescue teams. Also, see Federal Military Leave under USERRA in HOP 3.3.1 Leave Policy. Office of Human Resources Military
Parental Leave Unpaid protected leave for employees who are not eligible for Family and Medical Leave, specifically for the birth of a child, adoption, or foster care placement. Office of Human Resources PAR-XXX (PAR-Sick, PAR-Vac…)
Reserve Law Enforcement Officer For reserve law enforcement officers to attend required training under Texas Occupations Code, Section 1701.351. Department Misc (incl note)
Sick Accrued leave to be used for health reasons only. Department Sick
Sick Leave Pool For catastrophic injuries/illnesses to be used when all other personal paid leave balances are exhausted. Office of Human Resources Sick Leave Pool
State Compensatory Time Earned leave based on reported time to be used for any sort of personal leave. See HOP 3.2.2 State Compensatory Time. Department State Comp
Vacation Accrued leave to be used for any reason. Department Vacation
Veteran Health For certain veterans to obtain medical or mental health care administered by the Veterans Health Administration of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, including physical rehabilitation. Office of Human Resources Misc (incl note)
Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Services Volunteer To attend fire or emergency medical service training conducted by a state agency or institution of higher education. Department Misc (incl note)
Voting Work time spent on voting during early voting or Election Day. Department Voting
Wellness To be used for physical activity events. Department Wellness