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UT CARE Medicare Plan

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UT CARETM Medicare PPO (UT CARE), will be effective January 1, 2023, for Medicare eligible retirees and dependents. Enrollment kits will arrive by September 15 2022.

  • Benefits will be equal to or greater than the current UT SELECTTM plan.

  • Must be enrolled in Medicare A and Medicare B to participate.

  • Enrollment into UT CARE will be automatic if enrolled in UT SELECT and in Medicare Part A and Part B.

For additional information, including FAQs, please visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield UT CARETM Medicare PPO website.

See below for 2023 monthly premium rates. 

If you need personalized help, call 1-877-842-7562 TTY 711. Help is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


UT CARE Medicare PPO Monthly Premium Rates

2023 PLAN YEAR Total 
Monthly Premium
Out-of-Pocket Cost
Retiree Only $675.16 $675.16 $0
Retiree and Spouse $1,319.76 $1,029.06 $290.70
Retiree and Child(ren) $1,205.64 $901.60 $304.04
Retiree and Family $1,830.08 $1,257,62 $572.46

*Retiree Basic Coverage includes medical and prescription (at the applicable monthly premium rates) plus $10,000 Basic Life at no additional out-of-pocket cost. Retiree must be enrolled in a UT System medical plan to be covered by Basic Life coverage.

2023 PLAN YEAR Member Out-of-Pocket Cost
Surviving Spouse Only $316.87
Surviving Child(ren) Only $316.87
Surviving Spouse and Child(ren) $633.74